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Amazing Figure Modeler Digital #67

AFM DIGITAL Issue # 67


PDF Version - Buyers will receive links to download their Digital products in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


Issue #67: Digital Only!


DEAD MAN WALKING: John Allred modes a 1:1 scale ‘The Walking Dead’ show prop.


SHOCK WAVES: Fred DiSanto staves off Nazi zombies with Artist Proof Studio’s bust.


TRENCH WORKER: Steve Riojas proves it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to clean up with Gecco’s Black Label Apocalypse zombie kit.


RESIDENT OPHIOCORDYCEPS: Mike Wallace’s award-winning zombie diorama featuring the U.K.’s Terry Norton’s 22” crocodile and Gecco’s Apocalypse zombies.


ZOMBIE GRUNT: John Eubanks takes order from no one with this bust sculpted by Kakusei Fujiwara.


POETIC JUSTICE: Jason Walker models the muddy tale of Arthur Grimsdyke from Tony Gibson and Gargoyle Creations.


SWAMP HORROR: Dave Prosser shines a light on Mike Park’s tribute to Bernie Wrightson.


DAWN OF THE DEAD: Thad Rhodes boxes in Redrum Resin’s kit.


BREAKFAST IS TIFFANY!: Julian Johnston takes Tiffany out for a zombie meal with Resin Rhino’s kit.


RISE OF THE MACHINES-PT 3: Larry Brackney delves deeper into the technology of 3D printing with “Ant Man.”


LIFE AMONG THE DEAD- GREG NICOTERO: Jim Bertges profiles SFX expert and director of “The Walking Dead”, Greg Nicotero.


HEAD SHOT: Davide Decina does a bit of target practice with William Paquet’s Zombie for Sheer Terror Society.

Amazing Figure Modeler Digital #67

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