This has been a rough year for everyone including Amazing Figure Modeler magazine. In twenty-six years of publishing, we’ve never faced the types of challenges that this year has thrown at us. Because of pandemic restrictions and unforeseen problems with the lack of newsstand distribution (our newsstand distributor halted all magazine orders since last March) and dwindling retail outlets have forced AFM to cease publishing a physical magazine. It saddens us to say Issue #70, our current issue, will be our last printed publication. 

While this is terrible news for AFM and its readers, it is said when one door closes, another opens! We at AFM refuse to go down without a fight, so we are announcing the continuation of Amazing Figure Modeler magazine as an all-digital publication.  What does this mean? It means the same quality of modeling instruction you’ve come to expect from us, but now we are not limited by page count restrictions. We can present larger photos and more in-depth instruction. We are even exploring the addition of short video clips and other technologies to make AFM an even more exciting experience for our readers. We did a poll last issue, and most of you who responded said you would be willing to follow us going forward as a digital publication. We hope that it is true, because we need you now more than ever! Our continued success depends entirely on you, our loyal readers. 

In the next week or so, current subscribers will receive a letter or email from AFM detailing our transition from print to digital publishing, and options for you as a current AFM subscriber. We will need you to respond to us via email or snail mail to let us know how you wish to continue with us, and we will need the email address where you want to receive notices and updates regarding our future issues. Our plan is to freeze all current subscriptions, suspend future subscriptions, and send information and links to download the balance of your future subscriber issues as we move forward.  For everyone else, you will be able to purchase and download new digital issues directly from our website. We are still working out the details for moving forward and will keep you informed of any updates as soon as we have them. 

We want to thank our readers for your support for the past twenty-six years, and we hope you continue with us as we go through this dramatic transition. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates and please be patient with us as we progress through these turbulent times!

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