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Issue #66


ANAKIN SKYWALKER: John Allred unmasks Sideshow's 1:1-scale Prepaint!

THE NEED FOR SPEED: Jim James shows that it's a snap to model the Revell’s Star Wars Speeders!

SHARPSHOOTER: Jerry Buchanan shows you how he fabricated his own wearable Stormtrooper armor!

THE MILLENNIUM FALCON: Mark Myers looks ready for hyperdrive with Bandai's Millennium Falcon!

SHORETROOPER: Thad Rhodes makes a splash with Bandai for his multi-Trooper diorama!

X-WING FIGHTER: X marks the spot with Brian Ludden and this amazing kit from Fine Molds!

STRUMTRUPPER: Steve Riojas converts his Bandai Stormtrooper for time travel to the Third Reich!

IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER: Lou Dalmaso makes sure The Empire gets plenty of fiber... fiber optics that is!

LACK OF FAITH: Dave Prosser recreates the iconic entrance of Lord Vader with astounding success using Bandai’s Darth Vader and Stormtrooper kits!

THE MODELING OF STAR WARS: Jim Bertges takes you for an in depth look at the actual props and models of Star Wars!

JABBA'S JOINT: Mike Wowczuk recreates Jabba's throne room with a lighthearted slant thanks to vintage Monster Shop super deforms!


Amazing Figure Modeler #66

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