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Issue #65


MIKE PARKS MEMORIAM: Terry Webb pays tribute to Garage Kit Pioneer Mike Parks

MONARCH: Mike Wallace heats things up with an explosive take on a Kaiju Japan Klassic Godzilla!

MOST AMAZING MODEL- David Nonis : The Winner of AFM's Most Amazing Model 2017 Wonderfest USA!

GORGO: Fred DiSanto gives Earthbound Studio's “Gorgo” the 'Round the clock coverage!

HANNIBAL: Syndjinn Scott takes you all the way to Carthage for a dark skin tone tutorial with Black Heart Model’s bust!

GOD OF THUNDER: John Allred hammers The Norse God!

CTHULHU: Jon Giancola ushers in the return of the ‘Great Old One’ from Go Native Toys.

RISE OF THE MACHINES PT 2: Larry Brackney delves deeper into the technology of 3D printing with Bioshock!

MODEL CLUB: David Dill discusses the first rule of Model Club – winning with Old Yharnam.

MA'AL DRAKAR: Five heads are better than one when Reaper’s Tiamat meets her modeling match in Jason Walker!

GALLIGANTUS: Steve Riojas dissects the dual-headed retro giant from Justin Ishmael!


MAXIMUM MUTANT!: David Prosser gets the radioactive touch from the Prosser labs and The Transgenetic Ocsutlander.

NOSFERATU: ModelMania™ with David Fisher eyes the new Blackheart Nosferatu!


Amazing Figure Modeler #65

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