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Amazing Figure Modeler #61

Issue #61

PILLAR OF SOULS: Thad Rhodes raises a little Hell with Pinhead's Pillar!

SPECIES BIRTH: Jim Lawrence congratulates sculptor Mr.Sano and H.R Giger on their new baby girl!

ANGEL OF DEATH: Fred DiSanto soars to new heights with Three Kings Resin's Angel of Death

TWISTY: Steve Parke clowns around with Mark Van Tine's horror masterpiece!

AFM PROFILE- SCOTT WHITTWORTH: Jim Bertges has a conversation with the multi-talented Scott Whittworth.

MASHAAF: The worm has turned, and Jason Walker is there to model Reaper Miniatures’ Mashaaf!

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

A DIORAMA IN RUINS: Phil Sera creates a dynamic post-apocalyptic diorama with Simon Lee’s creatures.

AFM PROFILE -CREATURE FEATURES: Jim Bertges talks shop with Taylor White of Creature Features.

SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY: Mike Wallace recreates American Werewolf's iconic London tube scene!

THE TOOTH FAIRY: Jon Giancola will make you think twice about sliding that tooth underneath your pillow with Monster Dork Studio’s newest kit!

SWALLOW THIS!: Steve Riojas brings Needful Things' “Evil Dead” to life!

AFM PROFILE- SANDY COLLORA: Sculptor and FX artist Sandy Colora tells it like it is with Jason Flink.

WALK THIS WAY: David Prosser customizes Trioxin Model' Daryl Dixon for the Zombie Apocalypse!


Amazing Figure Modeler #61

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