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Amazing Figure Modeler #6

Issue #6  - SOLD OUT


ROCKETS, RIVETS AND ROBOTS: The Spaceship Invasion is on and Lee Staton comes to the defense with his hobby knife with the newest releases from Lindberg.


THE FAULT LINE: Mike Wowczuk showcases the latest in model production from the West Coast.


GLENCOE MODELS: Lee Staton covers how Glencoe Models is reviving Spaceship Designs from the 1950s.


MAKING THE SCENE: Anthony Mestas buries himself in his work making Tomb Stones for Inteleg’s Crow kit. 


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: - The Latest Releases In The G.K. Scene


PHANTASTIC PLASTIC: Frank Daniels covers new styrene releases from Big Daddy Roth and others.     


ARTIST PROFILE: TAKEYA: David Fisher interviews Japanese master sculptor Takeya.


MODELMANIA: David Fisher tackles Jim Groman’s Jungle Girl and beast, ‘Conglomeron’.


SHAPESHIFTER: Dan Platt scales to new heights with armatures and measurements.


JAPAN’S TELEVISED MODELING CHAMPIONSHIP: Television modeling contest goes International with contestant David Fisher.


COMPANY PROFILE: GEOMETRIC DESIGN: Measuring success with George Stephenson of GEOmetric Designs. 


WONDERFEST 96: Chaz Lovejoy tours Louisville’s Modeling Extravaganza with guest Ray Harryhausen.


MAD MODEL PARTY 3: Greg Anzalone covers the West Coast’s Third Annual Event.


BRITS AND PIECES: Chris Moody presents the latest and greatest in U.K. Garage Kit releases.

Amazing Figure Modeler #6


    No longer available.

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