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Amazing Figure Modeler #56

Issue # 56



H.O.R.U.S.: Dan Colonna takes aim with Resinator Lab’s Harmonic Oscillator Reactor Ultraviolet System.

BETTIE BOT: Jeff Camp takes control when James Hakola’s Jiggy Bot gets its wires crossed with Bettie Page!

H.P. LOVECRAFT: George Stephenson gives Blackheart Enterprise’s H.P. tribute bust a bronze patina.

FINDING NEMO: Dave Prosser dives in deep with the Nautilus from Pegasus Models!

MARS ATTACKS!: Jon Giancola battles a new styrene release from Moebius Models!

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

THE LOST IN SPACE CHARIOT: Lars Liljeblad customizes Moebius Model’s Chariot kit!

AFM PROFILE - INDUSTRIA MECHANIKA: Terry J. Webb interviews hobby kit innovator Michael Fichtenmayer.

SPACE PIONEER: Thad Rhodes orbits Toi Ogunyoku’s Astronaut!

THE ARCHITECTS OF FEAR: The Outer Limits’ Thetan becomes our cover subject thanks to the talents of Steve Riojas!

THE ROCKETEER!: Gordon Oberman jets off with Dave Stevens’ retro hero!


Amazing Figure Modeler #56

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