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Amazing Figure Modeler #55

Issue #55


A guest editorial from AFM staff writer Dan Colonna.

TERRORBIRD!: Jason Walker soars with Gillman Production’s Gastornis under his wing.

MODELMANIA™ - David Fisher paints Solarwind’s Lana as she becomes the Queen of the Cats!

CAVE, MAN!: Steve Riojas gets primitive with Michael Burnett Productions’ Neanderthal Man bust.

THECURSEOFGWANGI: Mike Wallace takes a journey into The Valley of Gwangi with Joe Laudati’s Robertosaurus Rex!

OFDRAGONSANDDINOSAURS - AFMARTISTPROFILE OFDAVIDSILVA: Terry Webb talks with the founder of Creative Beast Studio.

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

ADAYINTHELIFE: Steve Riojas travels back in time to witness the everyday life of the Lambeosaurus with CM Studios and Charlie McGrady!

DINOSAURIA: JimBertges has an in-depth conversation with Sideshow Collectibles’ Anthony Mestas about their dynamic prehistoric statue series.

DINOTOPIA: Dave Prosser enters the fantasy kingdom of Dinotopia courtesy of CM Studios and Charlie McGrady!

JERSEYFEST 2012: George Ganzer reports on 2012’s Jerseyfest show!

YABBADABBADOO!: David Fisher compares tan lines with Pebbles from Filmy’s Girls!


Amazing Figure Modeler #55

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