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Amazing Figure Modeler #54

Issue #54

MOTHEROFDRAGONS: Marc Havican kicks some ash with the latest kit from Zotz!

SPECIALFORCES: Jeff Camp pulls the trigger on Resin Bench Models’ super soldier!

FIFTY .CAL GAL: Bettie Page takes flight as nostalgic plane nose art at the hands of Gordon Oberman and Mad Dog Resin.

MODELMANIA™ - THECREATURE: Hold your breath as David Fisher submerges with the Creature and his gal pal from Moebius Models!

SIREN’SSONG: Ron Sherwood casts his net for the latest from Gabriel Garcia Studios.

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

SCULPTINGTUTORIAL: Sculptor Julia Ambrose creates a ‘Manimal Lynx’ bust.

AFMARTIST PROFILE:TIMBRUCKNER: Terry Webb talks with Tim Bruckner about his prolific career.

THEBRIDEOFBOOTYSTEIN: Steve Riojas slaps some badonk-adonk with Booty Babe’s Bride!

BRAINS?YOUBETCHA!:Steve Parke can see zombies from his house with Black Heart Models!

DESPERATELYSEEKINGSUSAN: Mad Geppetto talks with sculptor “Spider Sue" about her original creations.


Amazing Figure Modeler #54

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