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Amazing Figure Modeler #53

Issue # 53


A guest editorial from AFM writer Jason Walker.

THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER: Dan Colonna jolts a spark of life into Earthbound Studio's 1931 Monster!

THE NIGHT HE CAME HOME: Dave Prosser shows us a few tricks as well as treats with Polar Light's Michael Myers styrene kit.

3d PUMPKIN CARVING!: Andy Bergholtz makes the Great Pumpkin arise from Ray Villafane Studios.

CREEPED OUT!: JIM LAWRENCE blurs the line between latex and resin with tips on how to repaint a Halloween mask!

1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE: The Munsters House gets a little deluxe landscaping courtesy of Thad Rhodes and Moebius Models!

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARES: Three trick or treaters get a little more than they bargained for with Steve's humorous and nostalgic diorama featuring figures from Adam ‘Kreature Kid’ Dougherty!

AFM SPOTLIGHT - RESINTOPIA: George Ganzer takes a look at Resintopia's inaugural show!

HOLLYWOOD MASKS: Ter Prince's Don Post Masks tribute gets a facelift with a little (make that a lot!) of help from Mike Reagan and Dimensional Designs!

AFM ARTIST PROFILE - CASEY LOVE: Phil Sera talks with Casey Love and gives AFM readers an exclusive look at his model kits, masks and effects work!

MODELMANIA™ - SPELLBOUND: Tweeterhead’s Home Cookin bewitches David Fisher'!


Amazing Figure Modeler #53

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