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Amazing Figure Modeler #51

Issue #51


JIN ROH: Jason Walker shadow boxes with a high tech Panzer Cop from Protect Gear.

MING THE MERCILESS: Steve Parke models Mad Dog Resin's Emperor of Mongo in a flash!

QUANTUM OF RESIN: Thad Rhodes plays his cards right with Needful Things' James Bond!

SINBAD AND THE GOLDEN GIRL: Alan Fariello sets sail for an all-new voyage with Monarch Models' Sinbad!

MODELMANIA™ - TARZAN OF THE APES: David Fisher safaris with Ray Santoleri's King of the Jungle!

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN: Fred DiSanto flexes his modeling muscles with Mobius Model’s Hyborian warrior.

AURORA REDUX: Steve Riojas pulls double duty with The Gold Knight of Nice and Captain America, two classic styrene re-releases from Revell/Monogram and Round 2.

AFM PROFILE - JOE SIMON: George Stephenson goes the distance, make that long distance, to interview one of the hobby’s most prolific sculptors!

QUEST FOR MODELING ADVENTURE: Terry J. Webb gets animated over “Jonny Quest” with stop motion artist Roger Evans!

AFM MOST AMAZING MODELER WINNER 2011: Congratulations Martin Thomas!

CHOOSE WISELY: Dave Prosser whips up a nifty diorama with Horizon Models’ classic Indiana Jones kit!


Amazing Figure Modeler #51

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