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Amazing Figure Modeler #50

Issue #50


BLOOD FEUD: Jeff Camp feuds with “Underworld” vixen Selene from C&D Nightmare Productions!


THE ENCOUNTER: John Hircock gets swamped with Narin Studio’s Predator Encounter.


THE RETURN OF THE FLY: Dave Prosser takes a swat at Earthbound Studio's Fly Bust.


MASTER OF MONSTERPALOOZA: Jim Bertges profiles Monsterpalooza creator Eliot Brodsky. 


GIGER'S ALIEN: Jim Lawrence confirms in space, no one can hear you model.


AFM PROFILE: RAY SANTOLERI: Terry J. Webb talks everything from makeup to models in this revealing AFM exclusive interview!


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.


CHAOS AND CREATION: ModelMania™ with David Fisher gets quarantined with William Paquet's Frankenstein Monster.


YMIR ASSAULT: Mike Wallace calls in reinforcements to battle Harryhausen's Venusian menace from Tony McVey!


CREATING THE DEMON: Mike Falcigno gets the demon off his back with a sculpting tutorial on our cover subject, “Curse of the Demon!”


A WIVES' TALE: Jessica Hill documents life living with a monster- uh, make that monster maker, her husband Mike Hill!


THE RETURN OF DR. DEADLY!: Steve Riojas racks his brain and a few others in Mobius’ dungeon with Dr. Deadly and his crew! 

Amazing Figure Modeler #50

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