Amazing Figure Modeler #49

Issue # 49

THEMODERNPROMETHEUS: Steve Riojas stitches together Sideshow’s Wrightson Frankenstein- the most elaborate vinyl kit production ever!

FROM THEBARKERBROS.TOSIDESHOW: AFM slaps on a little grease paint and runs away to the modeling circus for a historic look back at the groundbreaking duo, Dan Platt and Ken Morgan.

THEHOSTESSWITHTHEMOSTESS: Gordon Oberman sets the stage with the classic vinyl Elvira from Screamin’ Models.

PUMPKINHEADTHEMETAMORPHOSIS : Steve Riojas wings it with GEOmetric Design’s outrageous creation!

RESISTANCEISFUTILE!: Bernd Slominski (with translation by Rainer Engel) prepares you to be assimilated by this German modeling collective!

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

AFM profiles vinyl’s most prolific sculptor and fan favorite, John Dennett.

VLADTHEIMPALER: Dan Colonna suits up for battle with Horizon Model’s Dracula in Armor.

THE VINYLFRONTIER: George T. Stephenson
An entertaining retrospective on the history of North American vinyl kit production.




Amazing Figure Modeler #49

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