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Amazing Figure Modeler #48

Issue # 48

THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN: John Hircock packs the heat as Jeff Yagher’s classic monster goes up in flames!

VAMPIRE BLUES: Steve Parke traverses the “Underworld” with Marcus and the Devil's Own Resin release.

LA MORTE NOIR: Gordon Oberman does a little detective work with Maria Smoking by Fewture Models and Dalkiel from Verotik and the Shiflett Brothers.

MODELMANIA - BLOOD BATH: Model Mansion's Bloody Countess makes quite a splash with David Fisher.

I WILL BE KING!: Dan Colonna gets hammered with the Shiflett Brothers' Komodo King!

HOSTILE TAKEOVER: Steve Rojas finds himself assimilated by the latest release from Zotz.

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb looks at the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

THE BEAST WITHIN: Jeff Camp plays pediatrician to Gabe Perna's latest creation.

CARRION OF DEATH: Phil Sera gives AFM the bird as he carries on with Casey Love's and Monte Ward's Carrion!

AFM PROFILE - ARTIST PROOF STUDIOS: Jason Flink speaks with APS founders Norm Meyers and Paul Komoda.

THE MODEL BUILDER: Jim Bertges creates a loving tribute to all the model kids of yesteryear!


Amazing Figure Modeler #48

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