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Amazing Figure Modeler #39

Issue # 39


THE BARBARIAN: Needful Things' Barbarian is just axing for trouble from the UK's Aaron Thurston!


BASIL GOGOS TRIBUTE: Jeff Camp pays tribute to one of the artistic masters of illustration Basil Gogos by applying a kaleidoscope of colors to the Howard S. Studios Karloff Frankenstein bust.


JARETH THE GOBLIN KING: Steve Parke goes to Plan B’s Jareth from “Labyrinth”, repainting David Bowie as the Goblin King.


JIMMY LEGS: Ron Sherwood grabs Jimmy Legs with this Bowen Designs classic!


ACTION IN ACTION FIGURES: Todd Powell profiles Danny ‘The Farrow’ Anniello's ROCKIN' custom action figure conversions.


FAU' CHAROTH: Something wicked this way comes when Jason Walker models Joe Laudati's self-sculpted creature from his own penned novel, "In Darkness It Dwells."


SUPERFLY: Catch a buzz with Phil Sera as he takes wing with Sam Greenwell's Flygirl!


THE PLAGUE BEARER: Rick Cantu forges through the Gates of Chaos to confront Forgeworld’s Plague Bearer!


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest model and product releases on the Garage Kit scene.


NIGHT OF THE HUNTER: Steve Riojas saddles up and rides with Fewture's Predator on horseback.


I WALKED WITH A MUMMY: Mike Falcigno is livin' large with a one-to-one scale sculpt of horror's first wrap star!


AFM READER'S GALLERY: AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers.


DEINOSUCHUS VS KRITOSAURUS: Dan Colonna makes a splash with Cretaceous Creations' Super-croc smack down!


MODELMANIA: David Fisher eyes the Old Man Dracula bust from Howard S. Studios.

Amazing Figure Modeler #39

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