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Amazing Figure Modeler #38

Issue # 38


THE AURORA WITCH: Bubble, bubble toil and trouble, Steve Riojas casts a spell over Aurora's Witch!


AURORA BOX ART KIT TRIBUTE: Mike Wallace electrifies Monsters in Motion's “Bride of Frankenstein” box art tribute kit!


THE STORY OF "BIG FRANKIE": Tom Graham explores the origins of one of Aurora's most misunderstood kits, ‘The Gigantic Frankenstein!’


THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US: Saul Alvarez fences in Posthumous Production's Aurora Tribute kit.


WONDER WOMAN: David Fisher restores an Aurora styrene classic, step by step!


THE AURORA MUSEUM: A pictorial gallery of Aurora kits and their legacy.


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.


PREHISTORIC SCENES DINOSAURS: Steve Riojas scales to new heights with a pair of Aurora Snap-a-saurs, the T-Rex and Triceratops!


AURORA BOXES THAT SHOULDA BEEN!: Todd Powell tempts you as Digital Masterpiece creates eye-popping fantasy boxes for kits you wish you had!


THE LAND OF THE GIANTS: Mike Allen models a real snake in the grass- Aurora's popular Irwin Allen TV tie-in!


THE RETURN OF THE MONSTER SCENES!: Dennis Prince shows the notorious Monster Scenes- others pick up where Aurora left off!


AURORA REPLACEMENT PARTS: Terry J. Webb documents the growing market for custom Aurora customizing parts!


BIG GILLUNA: Thad Rhodes reels in a resin companion piece to Big Frankie- Diceman Creations’ The Big Gilluna!

Amazing Figure Modeler #38

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