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Amazing Figure Modeler #37

Issue # 37

DEAD MAN'S CHEST: Steve Parke takes the plunge with Davey Jones, the Captain of the Flying Dutchman from H2Creative.

WOODLAND PRINCESS: Jeff Camp exposes this amphibian Frog Woman from Fantasy World Studios!

COSMIC QUEEN: Jason Walker blasts off with Resin Crypt's “Barbarella.”

SHADOW & FLAME: Rick Cantu dares to tempt Steve West’s Balrog in the Mines of Moria.

MEDIEVAL GUARDIAN: Jim Lawrence scales to new heights with Mario Chiodo’s massive dragon's head !

THE GOBLIN KING: Steve Riojas models W.A.M. Production’s Hobb-Goblin.

FORMORIAN: Ron Sherwood sets sail with this mythic seafarer from Pegaso Models.

THE MOLE PEOPLE: Steve Riojas really digs the latest bust from Earthbound Studio!

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

THE AMBASSADOR: Dan Colonna finds Eldritch Designs' bust outta this world!

OL' SCRATCH: Mike Falcigno turns up the heat on the Shiflett Brothers' king of Hades.

OF ARMATURES AND ARGONAUTS: Mike Falcigno gives AFM readers an exclusive tour of the Film Museum Berlin's Ray Harryhausen exhibition.

SCULPTING FRANK FRAZETTA'S SNOW GIANTS: Tony Cipriano gives us an exclusive behind the scenes look at the project of a lifetime!

THE AXE: Jerry Buchanan sharpens his skills with Pegaso Model's The Axe.


Amazing Figure Modeler #37

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