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Amazing Figure Modeler #34

Issue # 34


BEAUTY AND THE BRONZE: Ron Sherwood goes ‘heavy metal’ with WebbHead Enterprises’ 8th Wonder.


REVENGE OF THE GARAGE KITS: Japanese artist Michihiko Arai provides an amazing illustrative tribute to our hobby.


KONG vs. TREX: Mike Wallace customizes a golden oldie with the RFTG Kong Diorama.


KONG OF SKULL ISLAND: Steven DeMarco shows how to paint an exciting backdrop for your dioramas.


THE BEAUTY OF THE BEAST: Jim Groman couldn’t wait for a new Kong bust, so he made one himself!


ARTIST PROFILE: JOE DeVITO: Dan Colonna interviews artist, sculptor and Kong illustrator, Joe DeVito.


DINO CAMP: Saul Alvarez works through his summer vacation at CM Studios.


REMEMBERING FAY WRAY: Justin Clayton shares his personal memories with the original beauty that killed the beast.


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.


THE UNVEILING: Aaron Thurston takes on the newest Kong kit from XO-Facto.


TASTES LIKE HUMAN: Rick Cantu uses his charm to tame Gabe Perna’s Serpent.


BATMAN TUMBLER: Michael Fichtenmayer flips for the new Bandai Batmobile.


AFM READERS GALLERY: AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers.

Amazing Figure Modeler #34

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