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Amazing Figure Modeler #28

Issue # 28 


SHARKMAN: The fin is in as Rick Cantu reels in Needful Things' Sharkman. 


SHOCKWAVE ZOMBIES: Mike Falcigno marinates William Paquet's shriveled zombie shockers. 


THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON: Jim Lawrence models Monsters Direct's 26" Creature. 


BACK FROM THE ABYSS: Tony Krerowicz submerges with Needful Things' Cameron kit creation. 


SPLISH SPLASH: Mike Wallace makes a splash with XO-Facto's Predator/Creature smack down!


NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDE: Richard Dana Kuchta has a whale of a tale to spin for you! 


AMAZING FIGURE MODEL BASH WINNERS!: The results are in for the first ever AFM Model Bash- "Amazing" is right! 


PRECIOUS GUIDE: Anthony Mestas models Gabriel Marquez’s The Gollum with his Forbidden Pool! 


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases from the Garage Kit Scene. 


MAIDEN OF THE SEA: Dan Colonna nets a curvy catch with Pegaso Models' Mermaid. 


CALIFORNIA DREAMIN': Jerry Buchanan has ‘Sex On The Beach’, the kit that is, from The Doll and Hobby Shoppe! 


PIRATE PRINCESS: Steve Riojas hoists up his jolly roger with David Whitford's Pirate Princess! 


I AGAINST I: Rick Cantu adds a little fire to the mix with Forbidden Zone's “Blade 2.”


THE CHINESE CONNECTION: Terry Webb reviews the latest prepainted statue releases. 


THE BAT BOAT: Holy bat turbulence, Scott Owen makes some waves with Polar Lights' Bat Boat! 

Amazing Figure Modeler #28

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