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Amazing Figure Modeler #26



Issue 26:


FUN WITH BURT AND ERNIE: Steve Riojas has fun with Cellar Cast’s Toothsome Twosome!


ZOMBIE RESURRECTED: Jim Lawrence really digs a new bust from Jim Cherevka.


THE KEEPER OF TIME: Dragonfire Studio's latest release sets Rick Cantu ablaze!


DOMINION: Clone Factory's Dominion gets a brush over from Rick Cantu.


MOPY NAWA: Dan Colonna displays his work on Headhunter Studio’s trophy mount alien head!


VIVA LAS VEGAS: Jeff DelGreco covers 2002's ImagineNation Festivities in Las Vegas.


ORIGINAL KIT DESIGN GALLERY: Terry J. Webb pays tribute to the imaginative creations of some of our hobby's best talents!


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the latest releases from the Garage Kit Scene.


HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER: Frank Orlando breathes life into Michael Burnett Productions' original Frankenstein design.


GOJIRHAGANTHOS!: Mike Wallace models Cretaceous Creation's rampaging beast!


FIRE: Jerry Buchanan turns up the heat with Pegaso Model's Fire!


GRAVEYARD REUNION: Steve Parke visits Creepsville with William Paquet's latest sculpt!


BORIS THE WEREWOLF: Tony Kreowicz wolfs down Spectral Motion's rerelease of Boris The Werewolf!


FINKIN' CLOPS: Big Daddy Mike Wowczuk revs it up with a finked-out Hot Rod!


THE MODELER'S DOMAIN: Jim Duffy focuses on modeler's workspaces.


AFM READER'S GALLERY: AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers.


AZTEC WARRIOR: Jim Duffy discovers alternative sources for painting subjects.

Amazing Figure Modeler #26

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