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Amazing Figure Modeler #24

Issue #24

MODELMANIA: David Fisher goes Ape for Apemania's Cornelius Bust!

JUNGLE RUMBLE: Dave Voigt rumbles with Matt Manit and Shawn Nagle's resin King Kong vs. T-Rex!

A HAIRY SITUATION: Taylor Design's Harry and the Hendersons gets a styling from Steve Riojas.

A BRISTLING ENCOUNTER WITH FUR: Jeff Taylor of Taylor Designs untangles the mysteries of sculpting fur.

BOW YOUR HEAD!: Anthony Mestas dares to tell Life Force Studio’s Attar where to stand.

GORILLA GALLERY: Terry J. Webb peels back the skin on ape sculptures and their creators in this retrospective.

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Terry J. Webb presents the Latest Releases In The G.K. Scene

THE SPIRIT OF '76: Jerry Buchanan salutes the Bicentennial King Kong with Twin Flames ’76 Kong!

WHEN MONKEYS FLY: Steve Parke monkeys around with Tony McVey’s ‘Wings’, the winged apes of Oz.

TOHO KONG: Jim Lawrence goes toe to Toho with Kobioshi Kits’ Toho “King Kong!”

THE EMPEROR: Tony Krerowicz gives John Brown’s Orangutan kit the royal treatment!

THE CHINESE CONNECTION: Terry Webb reviews the latest releases from the pre-paint market.

THE GREAT WHITE APE: Everything goes white when Mike Wowczuk encounters Menagerie Productions' Great White Ape.

AFM READER'S GALLERY: AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers.


Amazing Figure Modeler #24

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