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Amazing Figure Modeler #20

Issue 20 - SOLD OUT


ROBOT MONSTER: Tony Krerowicz attacks Janus Company’s “The Robot Monster.”


MODELMANIA: David Fisher conquers Earthbound Studio’s “Invasion of the Saucerman” Big Head.


THEM: Nick DeAngelo and his army men crush the ant terrors “Them” from Al Rebioro.


THE BLACK SCORPION: Frank Daniel recreates a classic ‘B-movie’ moment with a Safari Ltd. Scorpion.


BEYOND THE BARE BONES: Tom Gilliland tangles with Needful Things’ ‘Spiderhead’ from “The Thing.”


JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE BASEMENT: Lee Staton discovers what lurks in the basement of Bob Burns.


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Frank Daniel presents the latest in The G.K. Scene.


DINOSAURS ATTACK: Steve Riojas goes scale to scale with Cretaceous Creations’ Carnotaurus!


I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE: Tony Krerowicz brings Dimensional Design’s kit to life.


AFM TRIBUTE - CHARLES GEMORA: Karl Hopf goes ape over FX Pioneer Charles Gemora.


THE HAIRLESS HORSEMAN!- Steve Parke creates a new head of hair for Lifeforce Studio’s The Horseman.


ATTACK OF THE LITTLE GREEN MEN: Dan Colonna battles Pinkerton F/X’s Little Green Man.


MICROMANIAS: Darrin Marsh faces off against the shrinking Micromania models from GEOmetric.


PUMPKINHEAD: Jim Lawrence resurrects Needful Thing’s “Pumpkinhead.”


THE CHINESE CONNECTION: Terry Webb reviews the latest releases in the pre-paint market.


PHANTASTIC PLASTIC: Frank Daniel features three towering Toho terrors.


TOOLBOX: Chuck Davenport personally tests modeling products and materials and gives our readers the scoop on what's hot and what's not! 


TREMORS: Larry Brackney excavates a slithering classic “Tremors” from GEOmetric Designs.


OUT OF THE BOX: Chaz Lovejoy previews the latest releases from the pre-painted market!


MAKING THE SCENE: Anthony Mestas exposes a secret scientific project, ‘Pickled Punk’ from Pinkerton F/X Studios.


AFM READER’S GALLERY: AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers. 


Amazing Figure Modeler #20


     No longer available

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