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Issue 18:


BEYOND THE BARE BONES: Thomas Gilliland tackles Fewture Model's not so Easy Rider!


AJARI: Darrin Marsh sees Red- Takeya’s Red Mausoleum that is!


FEWTURE ALIEN PILE: Giger’s/Takeya’s Alien Pile lands on AFM's cover courtesy of Jim Lawrence!


COP A BUZZ!: Dan Colonna takes the sting out of a complex paint scheme with Fewture’s Bee Woman!! 


SITTING HELL!: Nirasawa’s Pharaoh finds a new home in Nick DeAngelo's Temple Of Doom! 


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Frank Daniel presents latest releases In The G.K. Scene


ALIEN NEWBORN: Jim Lawrence gives birth to Fewture’s Alien Resurrection Newborn!


OUT OF THE BOX: Chaz Lovejoy previews the latest releases from the pre-painted market!


NIGHTMARES IN PRINT: Frank Daniel and Anthony Mestas review the latest books on Fewture's main men.


AFM PROFILE - NIRASAWA!: Frank Daniel profiles one of the true masters of imagination, Yasushi Nirasawa of Fewture Models in an exclusive AFM interview! 


AFM PROFILE - ANGLES OF TAKEYA!: Fewture Models' elusive Takayuki Takeya shares his thoughts with Frank Daniel. 


KETIA AMEMIYA: Anthony Mestas and Hisami Someya - Designer, Director, Genius! The man who brought you Red Mausoleum, Zeiram and Iria and many other classic creations gives AFM an exclusive interview! 


NINA DARKNESS: Steve Parke converts Fewtures’ Nina Darkness into Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” Death.


A NEW DAWN - AN INTERVIEW WITH JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER: Terry J. Webb talks to the creator of Dawn and he gives his thoughts on Fewture Models' new pre-paint statue. 


CTHULHU: Mike Wowczuk lets his imagination run wild with Fewture Models interpretation of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu!


TOOLBOX: Chuck Davenport personally tests modeling products and materials and gives our readers the 411 on what's hot and what's not!


THE FEWTURE OF PRE-PAINTS: Terry Webb talks shop with the force behind Fewture Models Pre-Paint creations! 


STAP!: Dean Dymerski tackles AFT/Ertl’s Droid and Single Trooper Aerial Platform. 


AFM READER'S GALLERY: AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers. 

Amazing Figure Modeler #18

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