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Issue 16:


MODELMANIA: David Fisher proves he’s not afraid of the dark with Tircic Studio's ‘The Dark Lord’!


BEYOND THE BARE BONES: Tom Gilliland repaints Bowen Designs' awesome Death Dealer.


AFM ARTIST PROFILE - BARSOM MANASHIAN: Richard Blacque interviews the creative talent behind Simian Productions!


COOP -HELL'S ANGEL!: Debra Bokelberg delves into the creatively twisted mind behind some of the hottest pop art in decades, Coop!


THE ART OF THE DEALER: The legendary Randy Bowen pairs up with the legendary Frank Frazetta in an entertaining tale of the creative process!


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Frank Daniel presents the latest releases In The G.K. Scene


SPACED OUT!: Nick DeAngelo reports for active duty with Agent Venus from Azimuth Designs.


MINE!: Sculpting favorite Shawn Nagle pens his first article for AFM documenting his recreation of a Bernie Wrightson werewolf!


SLAVE TO LOVE: Mike Wowczuk takes on VOLKS' ‘Lady Slave’.


MANGA MASTER - MASAMUNE SHIROW: Sam Greenwell  gets a rare interview with the reclusive Japanese Manga Master, creator of Appleseed, Dominion, Orion, and Ghost In The Shell!


FACE 2 FACE: Mike Hill unwraps some of his secrets to obtaining a likeness with Christopher Lee and The Mummy!


THE FANTASTIC ART OF KEN KELLY: Terry Webb interviews one of the all time masters of Fantasy Art, Ken Kelly.


LEATHER JACKET: Darrin Marsh gives you a ‘Leather Jacket’ that you won't mind keeping warm with Cellar Casts' Boris Vallejo recreation.


BORIS VALLEJO: Melinda Wicke interviews Fantasy Art master Boris Vallejo on his thoughts on the hobby.


VOLTAIRE: Chaz Lovejoy profiles one of the coolest new artist in the Field of the Fantastic, Voltaire!


BROM: Debra Bokelberg speaks with dark Fantasy master Brom and gives AFM a peek into his nightmare world!


COOPED UP!: Steve Parke goes Trick Or Treating with a duo you'll never forget, Coop's Bride and Frankenstein from Simian Productions!


AFM READER'S GALLERY: AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers.


OUT OF THE BOX: Chaz Lovejoy previews the latest releases from the pre-painted market!


GIGER'S ALIEN: Jim Lawrence makes an industrial diorama for the Takeya Alien!


PHANTASTIC PLASTIC: Frank Daniel addresses the issue of Styrene Box Art not looking like the kits inside the box.


THE MINIATURIST: Dan Colonna doesn’t shrink from the challenge of painting the latest releases from the world of miniature models!

Amazing Figure Modeler #16

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