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Amazing Figure Modeler #15

Issue 15:


MAKING THE SCENE - GOTHIC ILLUMINATION: Anthony Mestas sheds some light on modeling stained glass windows.


BEYOND THE BARE BONES: Tom Gilliland discovers the Horror Of Dracula with Monsters In Motion's Christopher Lee Dracula kit.


AFM ARTIST PROFILE- JEFF YAGHER: Terry J. Webb talks with legendary sculptor Jeff Yagher in his first ever hobby interview!


COPPOLA'S COUNT: Steve Parke gets foiled by Filmland Figure's ‘Old Dracula’ from “Bram Stoker's Dracula”!


THE TOOL BOX: Chuck Davenport personally tests modeling products and materials and gives our readers the scoop on what's hot, and what's not!


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Frank Daniel presents the latest releases In The G.K. Scene


MODELMANIA: The Moon is full as David Fisher paints Shapeshifter's “Curse Of The Werewolf”!


THE MINIATURIST: Dan Colonna doesn't shrink from the challenge of painting the latest releases from Critical Mass, Jimmy Flintstone and others!


FACE 2 FACE: Mike Hill faces off with a block of Super Sculpey and our readers are the winners!


MONSTERS MAKE A SCENE IN NEW YORK!: Tom Graham focuses on one of modeling's most controversial moments, Aurora's Monster Scenes!


PHANTASTIC PLASTIC: Frank Daniel recreates a scene from Hammer that never was!


SUPERSTAR!: Larry Brackney models musical sensation Netherland’s Marilyn Manson kit.


KING OF THE VAMPIRES: David Voigt tackles Janus Company's Lugosi Dracula!


AFM READERS GALLERY: AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers.


OUT OF THE BOX : Chaz Lovejoy presents the latest releases from the pre-painted market!


BRITS AND PIECES: Chris Pickering covers the hottest British invasion since the Fab Four!


SHOW BIZ: Walter Mady gives the low down on the Phantom Figure Kit Festival


DRAGON HUNTER: It’s Dragon hunting season and Mike Wowczuk takes aim with his trusty airbrush at Comstock's ‘Dragon Hunter’.


RAPTOR REVIEWS: William Stout digs up the latest in reptile-resin!


Amazing Figure Modeler #15

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