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Amazing Figure Modeler #13

Issue 13:

GODZILLA: Mike Wowczuk gives AFM readers insider tips on how to paint the new American Godzilla from Toy Biz, he should know, he worked on the film!

MODELMANIA : David Fisher fires his retro-rockets for Simian Productions’ Space Girl.

AFM ARTIST PROFILE - RANDY BOWEN: Frank Daniel interviews Garage Kit pioneer turned sculpting super-power Randy Bowen.

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE : Frank Daniel presents the Latest Releases In The G.K. Scene

FAULTLINE: Mike Wowczuk ‘shakes it up’ with what's new on the West Coast!

AFM COMPANY PROFILE - AMALGAMATED DYNAMICS, INC: Terry Webb and David Fisher talk with the dynamic duo of Hollywood effects Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis, the two men responsible for some of the most popular model kit subjects today!

GOTHAM'S GARAGE: Mike Stutelburg - Holy cave dwellers Batman! Mike goes a little batty scratch building The Bat Cave!

THE TOOL BOX: Chuck Davenport personally tests modeling products and materials and gives our readers the scoop on what's hot, and what's not!

OUT OF THE BOX: Chaz Lovejoy presents the latest releases from the pre-painted market!

RANCOR'S AWAY: Sculptor Jim Groman documents the sculpting of ERTL's Rancor.

GRAF ORLOK- BREATHING LIFE INTO AN ANCIENT COUNT: Swede Creation's Staffan Linder does an expressionistic variation on a classic theme... Nosferatu!

FINELY TUNED: Steve Parke fades in and out on us with GEOmetric Designs’ Predator kit!

BRITS AND PIECES: Chris Pickering covers the hottest British invasion since the Fab Four!

AFM READER'S GALLERY: AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers.

THE MINIATURIST: Dan Colonna doesn't shrink from the challenge of painting the latest releases from the world of miniature models!

GUYVER ZOANOID: Darrin Marsh demonstrates how to achieve a flawless finish on the Guyver Zoanoid from Max Factory.

PAINTING THE ROSWELL ALIEN: Airbrush master Jim Lawrence demonstrates his galactic talent on the Steve Johnson’s Roswell Alien.

LOOKS LIKE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Dean Dymerski models Frank Cerney’s Alien Facehugger in the Stasis Tube.

THE OUTER LIMITS "ARCHITECT OF FEAR"- WAH MING CHANG: Anthony Taylor interviews television's effects pioneer Wah Ming Chang!

PHANTASTIC PLASTIC: Frank Daniel sights Glenco's UFO styrene kit on his radar screen. 


Amazing Figure Modeler #13

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