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Amazing Figure Modeler #10

Issue 10: - SOLD OUT


THE FAULT LINE: Mike Wowczuk showcases the latest in model production from the West Coast.


MODELMANIA: David Fisher pays tribute to the Silent Horror Classic “The Man Who Laughs” from Thomas Kuntz/Artomic Creations. 


AFM COMPANY PROFILE- JANUS COMPANY:  John Ulakovic of Janus Company is interviewed on his appreciation of the Classic Movie Monsters.


FINELY TUNED: Steve Parke stands eye to eye with Mike Hill’s “Dark Knight” bust.


IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE: Frank Daniel presents the latest releases In The G.K. Scene


DARE TO COMPARE: Terry Webb serves up a serving of Gillman kits for comparison.


ALIEN AUTOPSY: Dean Dymerski explores the inner workings of the Halcyon Facehugger.


PHANTASTIC PLASTIC: Frank Daniel gives life to Polar Lights’ “Bride of Frankenstein.”


MAKING THE SCENE: Anthony Mestas is climbing the walls with Revell/Monogram’s Kothoga.


AURORA RETROSPECTIVE: Author Tom Graham takes a fond look back at where our hobby started.


AFM ARTIST PROFILE: David Fisher interviews the British sculptor, Mike Hill.


SHAPESHIFTER: Dan Platt takes measure in his continuing sculpting articles.


THE TOOL BOX: Chuck Davenport personally tests modeling products and gives our readers the scoop on what’s hot.


OUT OF THE BOX: Chaz Lovejoy previews the newest in the pre-paint market.


BRITS AND PIECES: Chris Moody presents the latest and greatest in U.K. Garage Kit releases.


COBWEBS: John Delamere puts a spin on the spider web with a fascinating technique.



Amazing Figure Modeler #10


    No longer available.

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