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AFM Reader’s Choice 

Calling all modelers! It’s time to show the world what you’ve got by submitting your work in article form for inclusion in a special edition issue of Amazing Figure Modeler magazine! Holy Cow, you read that right! You can get published in a future issue of AFM and be “large and in charge” by simply writing and photographing your latest modeling masterpiece. We plan to pick the most inspiring group of entries and then roll them all into one awesomely cool issue: “Reader’s Choice!” 

So whadda ‘ya say folks, tired of seeing your modeling knowledge going to waste and not getting the props you deserve? Know something we don’t? Want to see yourself in print? Then get to tappin’ on that keyboard and let everyone know how it’s done with a “How-To” modeling article on your favorite kit and we’ll and take it from there. 

What you choose to model is entirely up to you. AFM welcomes all artistic endeavors that are within reason in capturing the dynamics of your work. We want to see all types of subject matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bust, figure, vehicle, diorama, kit conversion or bash, custom or even a 1:1 scale modeling project, all options are on the table. It can be anything from an original life-size sculpture to a miniature figure or bust. We’re casting our nets far and wide on this kit safari so buckle up all you Jungle Jims

and Janes! 

The best submissions will be chosen by our staff to be featured in the “Reader’s Choice” issue and we’ll even throw in five copies of the magazine to their respective authors to show off to the world as they see fit! Naturally, the most impressive entry will be emblazoned on the cover of a future issue of AFM! And if that honor wasn’t reward enough, the top winner will also receive a free year’s subscription to AFM and ten copies of the one and only mag featuring their award winning work! If you don’t make the final cut, never fear; submissions can still make publication in future issues; depending on the quality of articles, a reader’s column could become an ongoing new feature in the magazine! 

Now before you go off rushing to start your award winning entry, keep in mind everyone has until February 29th, 2020, to get us his or her submissions. Please read all applicable rules, technical requirements and article parameters below before you begin. It’s a little lengthy, but worth your time. Articles will be judged on subject, quality of work, writing and photography. Now is the time to get started on a plan of attack to demonstrate your skills and offering modeling tips and techniques. Don’t forget to photograph and document your work along the way because you can’t teach what we can’t show! 

So, what are you waiting for? We here at AFM  know our readers are the caliber of modelers that have the mad skills we’re looking to showcase! Just imagine the rewards once you’re published and hit the big time. You’ll be the toast of the town, a hit with the Ladies or Lads and naturally, the scourge of all your enemies! Above of all, your work will be recorded for posterity, spread across time and space for all to see in AFM’s first-ever “Reader’s Choice” special edition. Good luck to all; we’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative work, so...Ready, Set, Model! 

Rules and technical guidelines for Reader’s Choice entries: 

Who is eligible? 

Anyone who has never written for AFM is eligible! If you haven’t written for AFM since issue #55 to the present, you can submit as well. The contest is open to modelers worldwide. You do not have to be a subscriber. All articles must be first time submissions. If they have been printed or used by another publication, we must reject them.
 All articles submitted to AFM’s “Reader’s Choice” contest become the property of Amazing Figure Modeler magazine and will not be returned. Articles that do not get selected for the “Reader’s Choice” issue of AFM may appear in later issues in a new Reader’s column.  All current writers and their immediate family members are ineligible. 

If you have any questions contact us using the form below!

What kind of subject should you choose? 

You can choose just about any subject you want, but keep in mind, space is limited, so we’ll probably choose only one character subject per winning article. For example, unless there are just two equally dynamic Predator articles that we just can’t live without, we’ll probably only choose one Predator article for publication. The odds of winning a slot in the issue go down with the amount of submissions we get on one singular subject. Don’t let that discourage you, but try and think outside the box. Customization, diorama building and impeccable painting skills will get you noticed and moved to the front of the line. Just know, dioramas and customization makes the judges turn a very critical eye on the work. A beautifully painted A+ figure placed in a C+ average diorama will cause the piece to slip down the ratings. Everything presented in the article will be judged and considered equally. 

Do I have to customize my kit or build a diorama? 

No. Building straight from the box is fine; just make sure that it blows us away! Custom work and dioramas make more interesting articles, but a beautifully painted and documented kit will always catch a judge’s eye! 

Can I submit a vehicle or space ship? 

Of course! Any Sci-fi or historical spacecraft is eligible and welcome. You can submit cars as well, but only if they are genre related. For example, a ’57 Chevy doesn’t fit, unless that ’57 Chevy has Dracula at the wheel! Examples of acceptable kits would be TV related cars such as The Batmobile and The Munster’s Koach. Big Daddy Roth, Tom Daniels, Weird-ohs or scratch-built custom monster cars would be welcome additions to the contest. If you are lucky enough to lay your hands on back issues of Amazing Vehicular Modeler, you’ll get an idea of what sort of vehicles we are looking for. 

Can I show nudity? 

AFM does not shy away from artistic expression and tasteful nudity. That said, nudity would probably lower your chances of finding a slot in the issue, unless the piece is awe-inspiring! A good rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t show it to your grandmother or 12-year-old child, it probably shouldn’t be submitted for consideration! 

How should I compose my article? 

If you are entering this contest, you’re probably no stranger to AFM. Read a few articles to get a feel for how to put yours together. I would suggest a brief intro explaining your choice and what you plan to do with it. We find concentrating on a particular technique or purpose for the article helps. For example, say you want to do a Karloff Frankenstein Monster. You can cover the entire project from start to finish, but try and choose one thing, like undead skin, or eyes, a particular modeling product, or diorama assembly as the main focal point of the article. It helps if some element of your build should standout as the focal point of the article. 

How long can the article be? 

An average of 2000-2200 words makes for a good article. Can you go shorter? Sure! Can you go longer? Maybe, but not by much!
 Do what you have to do, we can always edit. When you write your article, be sure to indicate a certain step or technique with a number that corresponds to your photographs. For example: “Then I added the pupil to the eye (Photo 6).” Be sure to rename your photo file “Number Six” so that we will know which photo goes with your article steps. If the photo files are not numbered, or the article steps not numerically indicated, we’ll not know how to match them up during design and production. This will eliminate the kit submission, no matter how well done it may be. Save your text as a MS Word file, or a text file that is compatible to Mac formats. All articles are subject to editing and will go through a proofreader for clarity. Be sure to have your name (as you want it written on the article) and your contact information (e-mail and phone) at the top of your article text, that way we can make sure the proper modeler is credited. We may need to contact you for clarity on something, so this is very important. 

What about photography? 

Due to space limitations, try and keep your photo steps limited to fifteen (15) “in progress” pictures as well as two (2) “Beauty” shots if your article concerns a specific painting technique or if you’re attempting a “straight out of the box” build. More ambitious articles such as dioramas, scratch builds and customizing can feature up to 20 shots or less along with four (4) additional “Beauty” shots. The better the photos, the better your chances of winning a slot in the issue. Photography is key to a good article. Due to our magazine’s production, you must submit digital photographs. Everyone’s cameras (stand alone cameras or phones with camera capabilities) are different, but most current models shoot large enough images to work for publication. We print at 300 dpi, and many cameras shoot at 72 dpi. If the image is large enough to scale up, you’ll be fine. The best rule of thumb is, shoot as large an image as your camera will allow! Try to light the subject evenly, and make sure the images are in focus! Try and use a neutral background, (a medium gray is best). But make sure nothing is in the background but your kit--no slouching kids or rabid dogs! Look at current issues of AFM for examples. Your final finished kit should be shot from several angles and should be your largest photos. These final shots are very important, they’re what we call the “Beauty” shots and act as the introduction photography to your article and grab a reader’s attention. Make sure to include everything in the camera frame. Don’t cut off the figure’s feet or hands. You can include a few close ups as well. Save the Images as .jpg or .tif images, and be sure to number them to tie–in with your article. Your finished shots can be named Beauty Shot 1, Beauty Shot 2, etc... 

If you need guidance you can send a sample shot to afmonline@amazingmodeler.com and we can test the size for you.
One final note: please DO NOT PHOTOSHOP your photographs. We will clean up and color correct any images as we see fit, but we never tamper with the actual modeling work. We do add artistic backgrounds for design where we see fit, but fair is fair- we do not want the use of Photoshop to disadvantage other entries. We have a pretty good eye for photo touch ups and will disqualify any articles that appear to be manipulated. 

Can I submit an article on a kit that I had already previously built and painted? 

While we wished everyone could build something new, we want everyone to be able to participate in any way they can. So, yes you can submit what we a call a “retro” article, wherein modelers recount how they accomplished their work by simply illustrating it with only finished shots and no in-progress ones. You’ll be at a disadvantage with the articles based on documented builds from beginning to end; however, if you can combine concise words with some outstanding work and stunning photography, we’re more than happy to consider your project for our special Readers Choice Issue! 

Once I’m ready, how do I submit my article? 

Since most articles will be larger than e-mailing will allow, it’s best to submit using a file transfer program such as Drop Box or WeTransfer. Most are free for smaller transfers. You can upload your files and send a link to: dfisher@amazingmodeler.com  Please include your name and contact information with the link. If you are already a Drop Box member, we can send you a folder link for your upload, just contact us for one. 

Please title your folder with your first and last name. 

If you don’t have the ability to upload with file transfer programs, we can accept your articles via a CD-ROM disk. You can copy your photos and text to a CD and save it in a Mac compatible format (Most disks will be readable on a Mac). Be sure to write your name and contact info on the disk and send it to:
 Amazing Figure Modeler

              P.O. Box 30885 

              Columbus, OH 43230 

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